New Facebook group: mental and physical well-being

For the next four weeks, Copenhagen Pride will be working in collaboration with personal trainer and dietician Nevan Solagna via the Facebook group: Mental og Fysisk Sundhed – Copenhagen Pride x Nevan

For four weeks, we will be focusing on our general health. Every day Nevan will post something so that you can learn something, or challenge yourself or try out new approaches with regards to working out, fitness, nutrition & diet and mental health.

We are also having 2 days a week of live training here! It will be on Tuesdays at 11am and on Thursdays at 4pm. Reserve an hour, where approx. 40 min. is workout and 20 min. is a Q&A or talk about a specific topic.The workouts are for everyone, no matter what your level is. You dont need anything else than yourself and your apartment. We will motivate each other, host Q&As, bust myths, move and build a little, but proud LGBTQ+ fitness community! IMPORTANT! – this group is not promoting toxic societal ideals on bodies and appearances. My vision is a group, where we share a healing and enriching space. Thank you!
Says Italian born Nevan Solange

With a big smile, Nevan says “If you are thinking ‘who is this guy?’, then here is 7 facts about me”:

1. The basics: I am 31, I live in Copenhagen with my wife and my 2-year-old kid, and I am Italian. All my family lives there and I moved here by myself 8 years ago.

2. I also happen to be trans, and I have worked as a volunteer for and with LGBTQ+ people in MIX Copenhagen, LGBT Asylum, Ung Trans to name a few.

3. After getting my university degrees and some 9-5 jobs, I got my certification as fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition coach, and started chasing the “dream”.

4. I quit my comfort-zone-safe job to go all-in with coaching to be able to help as many people as possible achieve their mental and/or physical goals. Absolutely a terrifying, crazy decision, but I am happier than ever now!

5. As a coach, in my world there is no space for restrictive diets, less joyful life, toxic body ideals, all kinds of shaming, weight/numbers negative focus… it is people themselves who decide how to talk about physical activity, nutrition, lifestyle and working on mindset.

6. I love to work with people. It is extremely giving for me to be able to talk to clients from all over the world, enjoy a walk-n-talk or a workout in Copenhagen with those who live here.

7. I worked with this for 5+ years and started changing my life back in 2013, when I put my foot into a gym for the first time. An incredible journey…physical changes, sure..but also and especially mental revolutions.

+1. I LOVE pizza and coffee.

Join the Facebook group here

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