Open call: Pride Art 2023

Photographer: Darren Gambrell

Submit works for the exhibition Pride Art – A Part of Us

Over 4000 people experienced the art when they visited the exhibition at Nytorv during last year’s Pride Week in Copenhagen. It is a great pleasure to repeat the success and invite you to Pride Art Copenhagen for the second year, where applications for participation are now open.

The exhibition Pride Art – A Part of Us will take place on Nytorv in an open tent and be accessible to the public during Copenhagen Pride from 12-20 August 2023. The exhibition will serve as a platform and forum for art, debate, talks, workshops, and performances with a thematic focus on LGBTI+ life experiences.

Whether you are a trained, student or self-taught visual artist is irrelevant, and there are no requirements for any specific artistic media. The only condition is that you are an active visual artist in and/or from the Danish Realm who will proudly take part in the community.

Apply here: [email protected]

Attach your resume, short artist biography and documentation of work or process documentation for work in progress. It is free to apply to participate in PRIDE ART COPENHAGEN, which offers artist’s fees and also covers practical costs in connection with shipping, hanging and possibly. freight, hanging, and possible insurance.

Application deadline: April 30, 2023, 23:59

Final submission of work documentation: June 1, 2023, 23:59

About Pride Art Copenhagen

Last year, Pride Art Copenhagen launched the first isolated visual art exhibition during the internationally recognized festival Copenhagen Pride Week.

The exhibition Pride Art – A Part of Us focuses on the presentation of visual art that experiments with the form of visual art and whose content can inspire the audience to gain a new perspective on the lives of LGBTI+ people. With the exhibition and the accompanying events, we want to create a learning space where visual art, visual artists, and the audience can unite and engage in a dialog about identity, gender, and sexuality. We want to create a bridge between visual art and people, between LGBTI+ people and the heterosexual majority.

About Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Pride organizes activities and events for and with the LGBTI+ community, and actively participates in contexts that help create visibility, understanding, and concrete results. Our vision is to create a world where everyone can love and live – freely and safely.

Copenhagen Pride is a listening, norm-critical organization with inclusion as a core value. In these values, there is a clear expectation that those who choose to participate in our activities celebrate the right to diversity, work to create acceptance, and support an agenda based on inclusion. We are politically engaged and actively contribute to shaping both attitudes and debate in society. Our flagship is the annual Copenhagen Pride Week in August, which is a diverse human rights festival with safer spaces and settings where people can express themselves freely, and where we celebrate the LGBTI+ community and party in a serious context. Copenhagen Pride is not associated with any political party.

Questions can be directed to:

[email protected]

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