The HeartCore Horoscope

Text and illustrations by Henrijette Nielsen

Editor’s note: This zodiac reading was not created by a professional and should not be read as such. Rather, is meant to be a light-hearted insight into a queer interpretation of the practice of reading zodiac signs.


Aries is never afraid to speak honestly and bluntly. A queer Aries will always be ready to break the heteronormative status quo. Aries can be true activists. They have the spirit to fight for both their own causes and the causes of all others, as they champion justice and equality. Like a giant fireworks display, Aries has an energy and charisma that is fascinating and difficult to overlook, no matter how much glitter there is at the party!


Taurus exudes feminine energy as they are influenced by Venus. This enables them to break with the patriarchy. It is a zodiac sign who loves to be surrounded by beauty, luxury and the finer things in life. However, this does not mean that they are materialistic as the Taurus appreciates all kinds of art and forms of expression, not only the expensive and luxurious ones. Taurus is also not afraid of sharing, so if you have a Taurus in your life, you can easily be showered with delicious goodies and pleasures.


Gemini are often one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs and are often referred to as “two-faced”. They have many different energies, Yin and Yang, therefore they are often seen as a person who often changes. But this is also the beauty of Gemini, as they, if anyone, can adapt to all people, environments and this makes them never afraid of the unknown. They like to make an impression in this world, and Gemini will always be remembered, no matter where they go!


Cancer contains a huge universe of emotions, wisdom, and empathy. They are the epitome of “chosen family”, as they manage to create some incredibly good, open, and close relationships with the people they care about. Cancer energy feels like fireworks at the beach on a perfect summer evening and can have a healing effect on those around them. Cancer will always hear your feelings and struggles.


Leo is ruled by the sun, and this is clear as you can always see them shining from far away! They are a pure “force of nature” and have so much charisma and energy no matter what company they are in. They are a bunch of hopeless romantics, who throw themselves headfirst into love – including friendships. They will always protect those they love, support them, and not least help everyone live their best life.


Virgo is pragmatic, organized, and often a person with a good overview. They know exactly when they can relax and when to let loose, as they make sure to leave room for this in their life. Virgo may seem critical of themselves and others, but it is just their way of organizing things, so that they can best help those around them. Their natural sense for hard work makes Virgo a perfect teammate in the service of a good cause.


Libra is romantic, dreamy, and social. They thrive best in the company of others and want to make sure to create balance in their own and others’ lives. Libra is always searching for harmony and prefers that people do not feel ashamed or hide, because it is openness and love that the world needs. Libra is not a supporter of conflicts, but should they arise, Libra would much rather have them resolved, so that everyone is happy, than flee from them.


Scorpio is known as the sexiest zodiac sign, but there is much more to them than their magnetic charisma. They are filled with intensity and are closely connected with their senses and emotions. Scorpio is not afraid of the truth nor to tell it to others. They can easily confront others with what they do not want to hear, but in this world, it may be necessary, and it may give others the opportunity to let go of what is holding them back.


Sagittarius is optimistic, playful, and would rather not be standing still. They love experiences and are constantly searching for new places. Sagittarius loves to build communities; whether it arises by being an activist in the service of a good cause or on their many journeys around the world is unimportant. A Sagittarius will typically be a person with many different groups of friends that they have met in many different places, but they also bring people together and give everyone new experiences.


Capricorn is often seen as very serious and at times boring. But in reality, they are some solid workhorses with good leadership skills who are passionate about getting ahead in life. Many of them may well have more focus on work than fun and trouble. But that does not mean that they cannot be good company. So, while Capricorn love their boxes and structures, they can certainly be a valuable teammate in the otherwise fluid queer world.


Aquarius is notoriously rebellious and untraditional. They love freedom and hate rules, and they also tend to struggle with commitment. The queer Aquarius can easily be a person who refuses to limit themselves. They really want to change the world and always have a new idea or angle. They love community and cooperation, and can be very sensitive to people around them.



Pisces is full of dreams and imagination, and loves to romanticize their own life. They are often seen as very sensitive. They are empathic too, but make no mistake, they will attack if necessary! A queer Pisces can be the essence of all identities and therefore they can also be very fluid in both gender and sexuality. Many Pisces are also very creative humans who love to express themselves, preferably through elements such as fashion and theater.

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