Youth Night: Highlights

Last year we had the first Copenhagen Pride Youth Night, organised by our amazing youth group. It was a huge success, so this year we’ve stepped it up a notch and organised two Youth Days! So come and join us at Pride Square on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 August for a series of talks and performances. The two hosts who will guide you through the evenings are Signe Thielsen and Charlie Gross Nielsen. Below you can see a few highlights and the full programme can be found here.

Tyrannosaurus Regs

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to be a mermaid who found Prince Charming and turned into a human? Then you’ve come to the wrong place! Tyrannosaurus Regs gives the narrative and the beautiful Disney princess an overhaul, drowning the norms of both beauty and happiness in this combined performance and talk. Are you ready to embrace a new idea of what a mermaid could be?

When: Wednesday 16 August, 17.30-18.00

Where: The Corner

Photo: Randi Krog
Photo: Nelle Renberg

Spring & I

Experience the amazing duo Spring & I on Show Stage. The electronic producer duo have just released their first full-length album, which really cements how Spring & I balance the heaviness of club music with thoughtful themes. Drawing inspiration from the dry and raw sound of UK garage rock, they still manage to create a heartfelt universe that the listener is invited into

When: Thursday 17 August, 16.00-16.30

Where: The Show Stage


Michiel & Ylva Cirkus performance

Mystical Alliance is a collaboration between two performing artists emerging from contemporary circus. With their outstanding physical skill and unique artistic expression, they create a dramatic visual spectacle that brings new perspectives on the potential of our human body. Mystical Alliance features contortionist Ylva Maia, who will both shock, amaze, and seduce you all at once. Michiel Tange van Leeuwen is the other half of Mystical Alliance, and with his tall, extravagant appearance he is owning the stage without question. In a large metal frame, suspended from the ceiling, their bodies meet and spiral around each other, while exploring new ways to co-exist.

When: Thursday 17 August, 17.00-17.15

Where: The Show Stage



Photo: Kim-Lena Sahin

Photo: @soggyholy


NIMĀ is a Danish/Iranian artist with strong roots from Iran, and writes songs for and about relationships he has collided with over time. He is drawn to the exact moment when two energies collide in a way that can be felt deep within the soul. He is not afraid to feel and express himself, and his lyrics are therefore characterised by very explicit and naked feelings about love, loss and desire. NIMĀ and full band play the Show Stage, and it will undoubtedly be worth experiencing!

When: Thursday 17 August, 19.15-19.45

Where: The Show Stage


Julie Pavon

It’s impossible to stand still when the up-and-coming house-pop talent fires up during her raw and high-energy live show. Julie Pavon is a whirlwind of a live experience, where she tears the audience around with her raw pumping productions, eye-catching stage outfits and ongoing energy. It’s dark club pop that hits the midriff and dancing feet. It will be a blast of a party!

When: Thursday 17 August, 20.00-20.30

Where: The Show Stage








Photo: Søren Drastrup

Techno Night med Bazooka Babe and DJ

The last show of Thursday is all about techno when drag performer Bazooka Babe with DJ and dancers take the stage. Expect high energy, wet bodies, partying and emotion, scantily clad dancers and pole dancing. It’s going to be a blast to end this year’s Pride Youth days, and it’s going to be a party to remember! What’s not to like? 

When: Thursday 17 August, 22.00-22.45

Where: The Show Stage

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