For the 10th time: Welcome!

Photo from the launch of HeartCore #9 in August 2022 – by Casper Engelby

Dear reader,

In the last edition, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of HeartCore – and this time, we have a different milestone to acknowledge. This is the tenth edition of the magazine!

It makes me extremely proud to have been part of this journey from the beginning and to see how far we have come. All of the credit goes to the volunteer editorial staff who put in a great amount of work and passion into the creation of this magazine.

With every journey comes the diverging of paths, and so with this edition, we are saying goodbye to two people who have each been a central part of this magazine becoming what it is today. Lærke is saying goodbye as Creative Content Editor and Josefine as Editor’s Assistant to pursue their respective studies and take the world by storm. From the bottom of my heart, thank you both – for your effort as well as for your friendship. When we first met in the summer of 2020, none of us could have imagined where this road would have taken us, and I would not change a thing about what we have accomplished together. All the best to you both!

In this edition of the magazine, we take a look back at Copenhagen Pride Week 2022 as well as forward towards Winter Pride 2023. The year is coming to an end, and while it provides a chance to reflect, we also want to keep our eyes on the future and what we want it to hold. With the theme TECHNOLOGY, our writers have examined how we navigate digital spaces as LGBTI+ people and how they can give access to new communities while also presenting new challenges and issues.

Happy reading!

On behalf of the HeartCore editorial staff

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