Editorial: Find your freedom!

Photo: Silvia Delfino

By Mariya Alfa Staugaard, Editor in Chief

Dear reader,

It almost feels surreal. For the first time since 2019, we are getting ready to throw a Pride Week in the format that we know and love – and have missed so much. With the theme FREEDOM, we are ready to get the LGBTI+ community together between 13 and 21 August when Copenhagen Pride Week returns in full swing!

Freedom is a topic that we have had plenty of chances to reflect on in the past years; both in terms of gains and losses.

One thing that is for sure is that freedom is not a given. Our community has won many battles, but we can never take our rights for granted – we have to stay strong and united in the face of those who would have us move back instead of forward towards a brighter future.

The articles in this magazine explore many facets of freedom. As stated by Milo Kinnock in his interview: “Freedom is not a moment”. Freedom is a movement where we work together to uplift and maintain the rights of everyone in our community.

Of course, you can also find the program for Copenhagen Pride Week 2022 in this issue, which is packed full of chances to listen to the perspectives of others and learn more about our diverse community – and of course to have fun in all the colors of the rainbow!

So, with this edition of HeartCore and with this year’s Copenhagen Pride Week, we encourage you to find your freedom and follow it – and to remember that we are not truly free until all of us have the same rights.

Happy reading and happy Pride Week!

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