In all the colours of the rainbow: Copenhagen Pride #ComeTogether with Copenhagen Design ApS with new products!

Photo: Copenhagen Design

Copenhagen Design is a Danish company that designs, develops, and produces high-end home, office and lifestyle products. Copenhagen Design is the only licensee that produces with the original colour chip code that is an exact match to the PANTONE professional colour system.

With such an emphasis on colour and creativity, a partnership between Copenhagen Design and Copenhagen Pride seems like a match made in heaven. As product partner, Copenhagen Design have developed stunning mugs, umbrellas, and notebooks in the rainbow colours that signify our movement of diversity, celebration, and the fight for LGBTI+ rights.

A world in full colour

“Life is colour. This is how we see the world, and we experience the joy of working with colours every day. So let’s share the love of colour and, together, make the world a more creative place,” says Kim Rasmussen, CEO of Copenhagen Design. “Through the collection of PANTONE lifestyle products we want to share our love of colours and enable you to express yourself through colourful accessories.” 

This vision of a colourful world with full freedom of expression is perfectly aligned with Copenhagen Pride’s mission statement of building a society where everyone is free to love and live, freely and safely. 

“Our partnership with Copenhagen Design makes a lot of sense, not just because of the visual element of the rainbow colours, but also because this is a brand that values and understands the importance of individual expression,” says Steve Taylor, Head of Secretariat at Copenhagen Pride. 

Copenhagen Design first became a product partner in 2021, when Copenhagen hosted WorldPride and EuroGames as the mega-event Copenhagen 2021. Since then, the collaboration has continued and resulted in a large range of high-end Pride products, where for each sold no matter where in the world, Copenhagen Design donates a substantial amount to the Pride Organisation.

Focus on sustainability

Supporting social causes such as Pride is not the only emphasis on sustainability for Copenhagen Design: “Some of the choices we make include finding sustainable materials for our products, such as products like our ‘Tritan’ drinking bottle, which is the safest plastic in the world, not only BPA free, but also BPS and ALL free material,” Kim tells. “Sustainability is not only about products and processes, it is also about the people who work for us. It is a perpetual process of our improvement, and all our manufacturers are also audited on a regular basis when it comes to living and working conditions for their employees, from safety in the workplace to worker’s rights and environmental regulation.”

The partnership with Pride is also not the only good cause Copenhagen Design has supported with their colour-centric product line. The Pantone “For the Culture” collection came from Anna Taylor, and the collection was designed in collaboration with Copenhagen Design. “For the Culture” is a symbiose of the skin colours in the PANTONE Skin Tone Guide. Anna initially created this idea, titled “Melanated”, to culminate Black History Month and elevate awareness and influence of Black culture in diversity and inclusion efforts.

The future

As Copenhagen Pride has grown into the biggest human rights event in Denmark, and the biggest free Pride in Scandinavia, we are continually grateful for all the partnerships that allow us to continue to grow while also giving us the chance to provide input on how to expand support for the LGBTI+ community.

“Partnerships are an integral part of the structure of our organisation,” says Steve. “And it’s vital to us that we navigate them in an authentic and sustainable way for all parties; this epitomises the #ComeTogether theme we have for Pride in 2023. We appreciate the good collaboration we have with Copenhagen Design and hope that we can continue to grow together.”

As the Pride season is getting ever closer, you might be interested in checking out Copenhagen Design’s selection of rainbow-coloured items, which includes mugs, Lanyards, umbrellas, notebooks and much more via this link

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